BerryAlloc Parquet

Bring nature into your home

Absorb the beauty of parquet wood flooring and bring nature into your home.

Made with love in France, our parquet collection is available in an array of colors to suit any interior and lifestyle. They’re durable, repairable, easy to install and especially easy to clean.

Dance, play, spill, and admire every day. Live your best life, without ever having to worry about your floor.

Why you will love BerryAlloc Parquet floors
  • 30 years Residential Warranty
    The BerryAlloc® wood floors are guaranteed for up to 30 years for normal and residential use. The wood floors with a 3.3 or 3.5 mm wood thickness are guaranteed for 30 years (Les Essentiels XL, the 4 formats of Les Exclusifs and Lodge). Wood floors with a 2.5 mm wood thickness are guaranteed for 15 years (Les Essentiels Regular, XL Long and 3 frises). 
  • Huge variety of options

    Les Essentiels offer a palette of 10 shades among the best values: choice of raw shades, from smoked wood shades to dark shades; Albatre, Argil, Kaolin, Terracotta… the name of the shades evokes the beauty of the raw materials offered by the nature. 
    Each available in 4 plank formats:  XL Long, XL, Regular, 3 frises

    Les Exclusifs are available in 10 premium shades with an increased depth effect. Lagune, Taïga, Canopée… The name of each shade is inspired by large natural spaces.
    Each available in 4 XXL plank formats, both in width and in length, which enhance the depth effect of the pieces: XXL, Regular Long, XL Long, XXL Long.

    Innovation: Ultimtec extra mat varnish finish, all the transparency and beauty of an oiled wooden floor, with added resistance.

  • Ultimtec
    An innovative long-lasting varnish ultra wear-resistant extra matt, natural, water-based varnish, with no solvents or chemical reagents! You can breathe! Admire! Our new varnish adds a resistance layer and facilitates cleaning. The wood retains its transparency, and the intense matt finish looks completely natural. You’ll have all the perks of an oiled parquet floor, without the maintenance hassle. More time to enjoy life!
  • Designed to last
    The structure of BerryAlloc® wood floors is made to resist. An HDF (High Density Fibreboard) core guarantees excellent stability, a high level of resistance to impact, true efficiency for underfloor heating and perfect joints (thanks to very precise manufacturing). The noble wood cover will age well.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
    Our indoor air A+ certificate speaks for itself. 
    The products are all labeled A+, which is the lowest emission rate of organic substances in France. We use finishing products without organic solvents (oils and varnishes). The PEFC and FSC labels guarantee a rational use of forest resources. Furthermore, our wood is a 100% renewable material from well-managed forests.

    Absolutely safe for kids & pets!

  • Best Loc X-Treme and Best Loc
    Our installation systems are remarkably strong, and so durable that Best Loc® and Best Loc® X-Treme come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Deeply conscious of environmental challenges, BerryAlloc® respects legal requirements, adhering to strict specifications in terms of sustainable development.
    Choosing a BerryAlloc®is also making a responsible choice, for a company that cares about its product, and is as attentive to the environment as to your lifestyle. For BerryAlloc®, species selection is crucial: the woods come exclusively from sustainably managed forests. This management involves traceability and rigorous monitoring at every stage of production and marketing (PEFC Certification).

    Looking good in your home and good for the planet

    The floor is all yours and your children’s future is secure by choosing our BerryAlloc  French parquet flooring with the PEFC label.

  • Made in France 
    Our production plant is located in Meaulne, at the edge of the Tronçais forest in Auvergne. They also proudly wear the « Parquets de France » label which testifies to quality, originality and a unique style.