Beauflor (Ultra)

Style, design and strength to your interior in any area you choose.

Ultra - Soho

Laurel Oak 116L
Laurel Oak 616M

Laurel Oak 669D
Oakland 166M

Oakland 196L
Oakland 696D


Ultra - Blacktex 

Columbian Oak 139L
Columbian Oak 161M

Columbian Oak 629L
Columbian Oak 636L

Columbian Oak 649M
Columbian Oak 692M

Columbian Oak 910M
Columbian Oak 939L

Columbian Oak 979M
Cottage Oak 669M

Fumed Oak 966M
Gambel Oak 119M

Gambel Oak 696M
Pamplona 970M

Pamplona 990E
Tasmanian Oak 096L

Tasmanian Oak 997D
Texas Oak 091L

Texas Oak 106L
Texas Oak 136L

Texas Oak 162L

Texas Oak 609M

Texas Oak 977D
Valley Oak 639M

Valley Oak 939L
White Oak 979L

White Oak 997D


Technical info

  • Thickness: 2.80 mm
  • Wear Layer: 0.40 mm
  • Total Weight: 1950 g/m²
  • Sizes: 2000 / 3000 / 4000 mm