Beauflor Cushion Vinyl

Your vinyl solution to every space

Look, walk, sit, lie on it. 100% comfort assured.

Whether you are looking for a rustic or modern contemporary interior, Beauflor has it. Beauflor has an extensive range of designs such as fishbone, herringbone, classic wood finishes as well as long 'planks' for a cool loft. All of them come in a great variety of colors. Beauflor's phthalate-free vinyl flooring is available in four widths (two to five meters) with a choice of finish and thickness. Stop dreaming - get your dream floor!

Why you will love Beauflor Vinyl Rolls

  • Kids & Pets friendly - Safe & Non-toxic
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Allergy-friendly
    Vinyl is a good allergy-friendly alternative as its hard surface qualities make it easy to clean off debris and dust and prevents the trapping of allergens. It's the ideal floor for homes with families or people with allergies.
  • Easy Installation & Seamless Flooring
    Beauflor® is the only company in the world to offer 5m wide cushion vinyl rolls, enabling you to easily install your flooring without any joints in order to achieve that perfect finish your home deserves.
  • Low Maintenance
    Our cushion vinyl floors are easy to clean and is protected against daily wear and tear.
    Vinyl's resistance to staining and general domestic use is one of its key benefits.
  • Durability
    Cushion vinyl floors are protected by a hard pvc wear layer. Vinyl's resistance to staining and general domestic use is one of its key benefits.
  • Cost Saving
    It replicates the natural look of wood without the disadvantages (such as hard to clean and general maintenance) or cost of the material.
  • Super-Silent Floor
    Whether it is heels, slippers or noisy paws, our cushion vinyl is able to absorb the noise of footfalls very well. It is 50% more silent than comparable flooring technologies.
  • Waterproof
  • High Fire-Resistant
  • Anti-Termite
  • Eco-friendly
    Beauflor® meet and exceed the most stringent international environmental regulations. Their products are 100% recyclable and now rank among the absolute safest and healthiest floor coverings available in today’s marketplaceBeauflor® aim to reduce, reuse and recycle at every point of operation. Therefore Beauflor® has made a measured and conscious decision to only produce vinyl sheet products that pose no unreasonable risk to human health or environment.
    All vinyl sheet products are produced without impure plasticisers. This means that only other non-phtalate plasticisers are being used, such as DOTP. DOTP has been evaluated by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) as a ‘SAFE’ product to use due to its excellent toxicological profile.
  • Made in Europe
    Manufacturing eco-friendly products has always been a significant part of Beauflor®'s ethical approach, which is why they have chosen to manufacture their products in Europe. 


Check out one of our three ranges:

ULTRA - Style, beauty and strength to your interior in any area you choose.

OPTIMA - Stunning wood & stone designs with a level of realism rarely seen.

MASSIF PRO - Eye-catching designs tough enough for commercial settings